“The child of a systemic mother and a shamanic father with an individuality all of its own.”

Systemic Ritual® was developed by Daan Van Kampenhout after 20 years shamanic training, followed by ten years working closely with Bert Hellinger in the field of Family Constellations.

It draws from both traditions. As in constellations work, SR sees the individual as part of a system and uses the method of representation, with the possibility to directly influence elements of a system. As in shamanism, it can use drum or rattle, song, prayer and fixed structures that guide the ritual’s movements.

The emphasis in SR is less on the personal story. Rituals often use more people than classical constellations, taking archaic roles within set layouts. Personal journeys can then unfold within a collective experience.

What has evolved is a system of great flexibility that can take many forms: from a family and its ancestors to the psyche of the individual; from one to one sessions using stones to collective rituals with no single protagonist. In every case there is the opportunity for participants to open up to sources of strength and make powerful healing movements for themselves.

Daan began teaching this form in 2008 and many people from around the world have now completed the training, each with their own professional background from across the spectrum of the therapeutic, healing and shamanic arts – and beyond.

SR is now a living entity taking shape in the hands of practitioners from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their own unique colour to an established form. SR is a registered trademark as a way of differentiating this distinct approach from the rapidly proliferating field of constellations.