Daan graduated in Fine Art in the Netherlands in 1987. Already fascinated by shamanism, his final project was a series of shaman’s costumes based on his own dreams. After graduation he began teaching fine arts, first in Finland then the Netherlands, whilst at the same time beginning to teach shamanism.

By the early ’90s Daan was teaching internationally and in 1991 began shamanic training groups with Ivana Caprioli, developing rituals and exercises based on teachings from their dreams. There was already a strong emphasis on the wheel of the 4 directions which would become a central part of his work.

During this period of teaching and training Daan studied and travelled with Lakota elder Wallace Black Elk. The Sami shaman Ailo Gaup was also an important influence.

In 1998 he got to know family constellations, participated in many seminars and began an important period of correspondence with Bert Hellinger. This led to the publication of his book “Images of the Soul”, a comparative analysis of shamanic ritual and family constellations, now published in eight languages.

The release of the book and Hellinger’s support initiated a period of intense teaching around the world at first with traditional family constellations but increasingly exploring the integration of shamanic forms. Out of this experimentation came a distinct method, Shamanic Ritual, which Daan now practices and teaches.

He continues to train practitioners in SR and shamanism and conduct seminars worldwide. He is the author of seven books translated into 11 languages, has recorded four CDs of ritual chanting and drumming and produces hand-crafted ‘tools’ for therapeutic practitioners.